The “Blog of Larry Doell”

Welcome to the “Blog of Larry Doell”.  A  blank screen waiting for content seems rather intimidating and the idea that someone would take the time to read my musings seems a little depressing but my executive assistant ( that would be Wife Audrey) says THIS is a necessary step in the world of social networking in cyberspace.

I’ve always followed the maxim of ”  Better to keep your mouth closed and to be thought the idiot, than to open it and remove all doubt”. At least with the keyboard I have time to reflect, agonize,  delete and begin anew again and again.

So, not really knowing what kind of creature my blog will become, whether it will suffer from malnutrition  or over indulgence, I can only hope that it will inform, amuse, and give you and me something to think about . It will reflect my daily photographic activities in the  West Kootenays, balancing the need to keep a roof over my head while enjoying what the area has to offer with its many outdoor and cultural pursuits.  Well, that’s all for now as I take baby steps.